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Sep 28, 2018

In Episode Nineteen, Dave and Jerry show why most people thought this podcast would have ended eighteen episodes ago. The boys discuss their early days and what act of God drove them from respectable careers into the world of commercial radio. Listeners respond with their answers to the question "If you could have...

Sep 21, 2018

Dave and Jerry discuss all that's good about the Mets and Phillies. That takes about 30 seconds. Reminiscing about their first jobs in high school. Listeners comment on their favorite South Jersey bakeries and their favorite bakery treats. The podcast that times out around 35 minutes, but seems to last forever!

Sep 13, 2018

With Fall in the air, Dave is cleaning out his DVR and catching up on General Hospital. Cape May Court House (the town, not the court house) is in the South Jersey town spotlight. And listeners chime in on their favorite place to get a great steak. It's all on this weeks "It's Called Pork Roll with Dave & Jerry" podcast.

Sep 7, 2018

Dave discusses the strange lightheaded episode he had this week. He blames it on barometric pressure or chemtrails. Jerry suggested he wear a tin foil hat to block government mind control rays. Listeners commented on "best yard sale finds" and May's Landing in the town spotlight on this week's edition.